Monday, August 20, 2012

Head shop dreams

It's true! I've never set foot in a head shop, or any sort of "tobacco products" shop in my life! It's kind of a dream of mine to see one eventually. I'm sure it's magical. Any of you guys been into some cool head shops, or have a favorite local place to get pipes and the works? 


  1. We have the most beautiful headshop here in Omaha... If only they would let me take pictures.

  2. Ayo, Fecklessnz from reddit here.
    Yeah man, we have an amazing place called Cosmic Corner here in Wellington, New Zealand. It has all your 'tobacco product' needs in all shapes and sizes. Plus their music is rad (complete with DJ's on party nights!) and it has it's own coffee shop! Let me see if I can find their website....
    Ah! Here it is.
    Also, here's the best pic I could find of it.
    I'll take some pics for ya next time i'm in the area. :)