About Treetops

This comic project exists for the purpose of entertaining people who find themselves amused by the stories told by Ents. And what is an ent? To be put frankly, an ent is a kind person who loves smoking marijuana. But to people belonging to the r/trees sub on a website called reddit, the word ent means much, much more. Ents are known for their hospitality, good natured personalities, and kindness towards smokers and non-smokers alike. Moving on, treetops thrives with the goal to cater to the comic needs of ents on r/trees, and other corners of the internet alike.

This comic is unique, however, in that it consists of multiple authors with their own comics. This is, arguably, both the best way to keep you readers entertained and the best way for us, as artists, to keep our heads above the comic-making process (not to mention still have free time to browse r/trees ourselves).

But, by far, the best part about the webcomic, is that we're doing these comics for a cause. As it is very new, and without much popularity, there aren't currently any advertisements on this blog. But, as the webcomic gains popularity, we intend to put the proceeds from the ads to the legalization campaign! So tell your friends, tell your cousin, tell your crazy uncle, tell anyone who loves a good toke now and then, and even better, has an appreciation for comics!!If you would like to support the comic (by means of art, writings, CSS/HTML, etc) please contact the creator at tornadotrailertrash@gmail.com


Tornadotrailer (creator)

I am a proud Entwife from the south who loves cats, comics, and chai tea. My comic is titled "The Treehouse"; It follows the daily goings-on of three weed-smoking teens and the adventures they have in and out of their whimsical treehouse. I also do a series of stoner-directed Public Serice Announcements (PSAs) to promote safe, fun, and educated marijuana smoking.

I am in my freshman year of college, so posting may be incredibly irregular due to my busy, busy schedule. I go by Trailer, or Tornadotrailer, whichever you prefer.

Tumblr - TTrailerart.tumblr.com
Deviantart - http://tornadotrailer.deviantart.com/

Taughtbytragedy (artist)- 

Ent from the Philippines, enjoys adventure time, comics, and being awesome.


  1. This site is the cat's meow.

  2. Are you guys looking for more artists, or just hoping to keep it at three?

    1. Always looking for more, but going to limit it at five, one for each day of the week. ;D

  3. This is five shades of awesome. As a writer and an avid webcomic fan, I'll be looking out for more. :D

  4. ThomasMichael8/07/2012 11:23 AM

    This is sick ill be sure to share this website on fb!

  5. Can't wait, guys.
    I hope this all goes really well for yah!